Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2014 - Is a football game mainstay of a famous game company, which Konami. PES 2014 was released by using a new engine: Fox Engine. This game will be a game Pro Evolution Soccer is a completely new, or Konami actually does not need to bring much change, apart from the engine, into the new game. Let's discuss it.
  Regarding the use Fox Engine on PES 2014, Konami has finally officially released the game. Lots of opinion on the point out of the game lovers balls about it. Their opinions vary, there is a nice thought, and some are less opinion. According to the experience of the lovers of this game, a lot of new things from this game. What are they, let us consider here.

Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2014

   Fox Engine in PES 2014 brings a lot of impact on the quality of the graphics of the game . Mainly on the visual appearance of players , it was obvious . Current players look better when compared to previous editions , including details of the face , posture and others . But none the less , that is to detail the face , the initial version of PES 2014 include only the few players who has a face , similar to the original face of the player . From the news there , Konami is preparing an update that will fix the facial details of most of the players in the game , so that almost all the players who have great ability will be obvious in this game later .

   Regarding the movement of the players , the Fox Engine also has brought many changes in terms of animation quality movement . In this latest PES , you will find a more realistic animation movement when compared to previous editions . In general , an increase in player movement animation is not overly impact on the gameplay of PES 2014. However , the better the animation will certainly provide comforting eyes of the players who was playing this game from Konami .

Players Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2014

   In terms of control system , this game has similarities but not the same as the old version . Among them is about to steal the ball from the opponent , can now be performed with minimal physical pressure to the opponent with the help of the right analog .
   But overall , the control system players in PES 2014 is not much different from the controls that exist in previous editions . Konami just gave some adjustments made ​​in the control of the ball game was officially released this feels more responsive than the previous editions , which are a little less responsive . In PES , there are some new things that can be easily understood by players linked the new control system , one of which is a way to steal the ball from player enemies encountered . Among the movement of an opponent can be done with a combination of two existing analog movement in control .
Regarding the long control that pass Through "basic " can still be used if you do not like the new controls are presented from the Konami .
   In addition , Konami also introduces controls through the pass and a new shooting controls are referred to as " Advanced " . To pass through , the new controls will present such a marker could be set towards passing the player with the right analog . As for the shooting , the new control will bring little change in the direction of how to set up shooting players . If the players are not familiar with the controls , or is more like the old way , Konami still providing the option to change the controls to function through the pass and shooting mode to " Basic " is the same as the previous edition .

    In this latest version , Konami brings quite a lot of changes on the control key combinations in PES 2014 . Among them is the key combination is used to remove certain tricks re- mapped , so to be able to master the same tricks , the player must re- learn the key combinations that exist in this game , for example, to control off the ball , tricks with the ball , crossing , and so forth , the player should really know .

Jersey Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2014

That was a bit of a review about game PES 2014 . If you are interested , you can directly download the game Pro Evolution Soccer here .