Download Smart Keyboard Pro [Autotext] + Free - It is a software keyboard that functions contained autotext give your text, allowing you to get autotext in use on the Blackberry platform. Okay just download the software. 

Download Smart Keyboard Pro [Autotext] + Free 

Download Smart Keyboard Pro Autotext + Free

   Here I give you a little " how the parameters in the dictionary on your Android. Go to Settings >> Language & Keyboard >> Keyboard >> Intelligent Character Recognition 
  • Auto Capitalization : en To take his place after a point is selected automatically. After writing letters to .
  • Quick Fix : off Although not automatically solve the function of the word , the dictionary is written , because sometimes penetrate. 
  • Proposal for Show: the Its function is word for word prediction keyboard that visit us . Writing If you see the word you want , press the option to speed up the entry. 
  • Autocomplete : off No fully automated to maintain its position of being responsible for one word , it would be very boring . 
  • Exchange of punctuation : off To use the exchange mode , select on
  • Space after picking : off The features that were automatic prediction of text or word brand before , then it is automatically a space after. 
  • Contact Dictionary: the Function, if you want to specify the name of a friend suggested that the contact name in ch 
  • User dictionary It contains words such as the words that come from English ( dictionaries may be downloaded from the market ) is introduced. The words in the dictionary , there would be a proposal to enter (if the given set of signals is enabled). Maybe we need to change . Proposal made ​​in writing between the keyboard with the case. To see more, click on the right arrow. smart dictionary The recognition of words that are often written by the user. When a word is written , is the beginning of the text selection . 
  • Learn a new word The features that each of our kind of a new word, to be included in the glossary , which makes it possible to enrich the collection. 
  • Custom Insert Its function is to add, edit and delete. Glossary List - The period of two lines If enabled, there will be a delay pressing the spacebar when you press the button , so no double - space.
   Add and edit your dictionary Go to Settings> Language & keyboard> Smart Keyboard > Text Prediction > Custom Dictionary - Click Add to Dictionary [top] - Enter the password that the author would be automatically reflected in the above writing . 
  1. Predictive text in the box below Letters / Words / emoticons / AutoText to replace the word in the column at the time of writing . How to edit , press the button. In the list and select Edit with respect to the removal , click the list , select Delete. After all set to return to the menu to save the backup file , so settings are not lost . Configuration backup to save the old place , ie sdcard . Other features Smart Keyboard Pro Go to General Setup menu 
  2. Changes in skin collections available There are several options , hide, keyboard model iPhone, Android, Galaxy , HTC, gray, white and black. If you're not satisfied , you can download skins on the Internet . 
  3. Pop - up button By pressing the button for the type of a virtual window (like a balloon) to facilitate better. - Transparency Set the transparency of the keyboard. 
  4. Turn Arrows In the old - , choice, there are buttons that are easy to make in the direction of the cursor. 
  5. Add Alt Tags There are other symbols on the keyboard. To get there , we expect still or button you can press the Alt key. 
  6. Standing in full screen Screen Ink for a full page in the gadget. Very useful for those who have small screen. Open the View menu and vibrates
  7. Impulse sound of a button If a button is pressed , the sound will come out. 
  8. Vibration By pressing a button , the unit starts to vibrate. Useful if you are absolutely sure that you press the button .
Download Smart Keyboard Pro Autotext +

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